With employee ratings, you already have a wealth of experience

It hasn't always been so. You were a huge amateur in these things. However, you have completed several professional training sessions and you have begun to slowly penetrate into the secrets of the industry. In addition, you have partnered with an external company that has improved the workplace atmosphere in your company. The state was really critical. It was impossible to work normally here. Finally, everyone is happy. The sub-proceedings have the opportunity to convey their insights and ideas. They don't even criticisms. They also know their possibilities and regularly presented their performances.
The supervisor should know the personal goals of their subordinates
If you have an individual in the team who have no goals, you're getting a big problem. Such people are mostly lacking motivation and generally go to work only on duty and for money. The employee's assessment has come to your company's finally order. You have been able to find interesting things that you have not noticed in the past. Now you consider it a major failure. The director must be able to admit his mistakes. Fortunately, it was not too late, and you believe that there will be a pleasant atmosphere in your company again.