The most beautiful place in Bohemia

Do you love Bohemia and its amazing landscapes, forests, ponds and mountains? If you have traveled our country through a crucify, but have not yet had the opportunity to look into the Czech Highlands, now is the time to fix it! If you are attracted to winter or summer holidays, this region is the right place for you to enjoy sports activities or other activities throughout the year.
Quality of service and home atmosphere
If you are looking for quality accommodation at nice prices and in addition with free breakfast we are here for you. Accommodation in Jeseník, specifically in our hotel Sporthotel Kurzovní, you will find everything you need to relax and enjoy your vacation. You will find peace, tranquility and the sharts of forests with a view of the Praděd. But also the use for children and adults in sports facilities, cycle paths, wellness rooms, etc.