Frequently Asked Questions About Oklahoma Unemployment Benefits

The purpose of unemployment insurance is to ensure that workers are able to support themselves when they are between jobs. Unfortunately, even those who have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own and are otherwise able to meet the criteria to receive Oklahoma unemployment benefits sometimes have trouble getting their claims approved.

Knowing what to expect can help, though. Workers who are getting ready to apply for unemployment benefits can read on to find some answers to frequently asked questions about the process that might make it a little it easier.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

In order to be eligible to receive unemployment benefits in Oklahoma, workers must have worked at least six months prior to losing their jobs. They must also be able to work and be actively looking for work throughout their collection period. Unemployed workers must also be able to prove that they are looking for work.

What is Considered Actively Searching for Work?

There are a few different ways that unemployed workers can seek new jobs. They can register with work placement services, submit applications, or register with their local union hiring halls. If any worker who is receiving unemployment benefits is offered a job that is suitable to his or her skill set and prior experience, it must be accepted.

What Can Workers Do if Their Claims Are Denied?

When an employee’s claim is denied, he or she is entitled to appeal the decision with the Board of Review. The appeal process can be started by mailing an appeal directly to the Board. The worker may or may not need to appear before an Appeal Tribunal and file a Petition for Review, as well.

Can Workers Seek Legal Representation?

Workers whose claims have been denied may want to look into hiring an attorney prior to their appeal hearings. They are not obligated to hire a lawyer, but doing so can make the difference between presenting the evidence appropriately in order to make a compelling case and losing the appeal. Given that hiring an unemployment lawyer is quite inexpensive, it’s almost always worth hiring legal counsel as soon as an employee’s claim has been denied.