Ecological materials

The important criterion when it comes to the building in the dome NIE is the flax price of the material. You have to go and go to his life and time, and you will have to take care of maintenance and caring for the terrace. Let us choose a gentle and cheap Betón alebo kameň, the Kant lasts for the Veky. Ak but you want a niečo modern and a pike, siahnite after the ecological materialloch. Suitable for the family house is, for example, Drevoplast, Zástancovia Classics môžu staviť on rich patterns of ceramic tiles.
Drevo Vonia škodcom
Behold, Drevo is still a natural material, the Kant of the beautiful Vonia, and the caring for him is also the time-consuming. If you want to buy a material, you will invest in Rôznych Ošetrujúcich Prípravkov. Drevo has a low life, for example, in the Smreku and pine it is about the desať Rokov. The time of the terraced Dosky faded, the greys and the Uvoľní sa of them smola.