Copywriting and Linkbuilding

When he appeared on the first day of his work, he felt very indecent. He was told that it seldom happens that they would have to work every day, but when the deadline is, they must come on Sunday, or they must work for three days and sixteen hours a day – but then he has five days off, and so on. Matěj was a little worried because he still didn't know what the SEO consultant was doing, but when he was taken by a very young and very appealing colleague who showed him the whole floor, he told him who he was and what where he was, he relaxed a little.
Journalism in Marketing
Matthew smiled nervously, but he knew that the whole time was red as a tomato. A colleague winked at him and sat him at his desk to show him what they were doing during the day, and what exactly they were paying for. When Matěj drank a coffee in the kitchen, he thought this was pretty good.