3 Reasons That Small Businesses Own Lasers

Huge manufacturing companies have been using laser technology for decades. Using focused light, laser machines cut, etch, or engrave surfaces. Lasers of various sizes are used in the production of everything from DVDs to robots. However, the technology is not confined to multi-national manufacturers. Many small business owners now own machines. Since even the smallest machine represents a fairly sizable investment, owners need devices to be adaptable. With that in mind, suppliers like Boss Laser sell lasers that will cut metal, etch glass, and create photo-etched images.

Laser Machines Etch Glass Beautifully

Whether businesses turn out thousands of glass products a month or a few hundred a year, most now use laser technology to create breathtaking designs. Companies use lasers for custom products that include shot glasses, beer mugs, plates, vases, jars, awards, mirrors, and Christmas ornaments. Lasers do not actually engrave glass, but rather etch or mark it. The result is an elegant, sophisticated look.

Lasers Will Cut Metal

The same laser technology that giant manufacturing plants use to form metal for products is also used to create smaller, more-personal items. Businesses have adapted smaller lasers to create parts and prototypes in-house rather than sending them to specialists. Some artisans now use laser technology to create unique gift items, jewelry, and models. Fiber laser cutting machines are routinely used to craft items from aluminum, soft steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and thin sheet metal.

Lasers Create Stunning Engraved Photos

Many craftsmen are making good livings creating unique laser engraved photos. Anyone with a laser machine and computer can laser-etched photos, so they are ideal for start-up businesses. PC users just open a laser interface on their graphics software and then upload the desired image. Color and texture can be altered at will. The computer user then presses print and the laser will reproduce the image on whatever material is provided. The results are unique and very beautiful.

Many artisans and small business owners now create products using a scaled-down version of the laser technology that has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Smaller laser devices will cut a variety of metals, etch glass, and create remarkable etched photos.